Fresh Flowers and family celebrations

Mother Nature offers us such beauty in the flowers and plants of the summer season and in recent weeks our fresh flower bouquets and arrangements have included vibrant Vanda orchids, soft pastel roses, anemones, lilac hydrangeas and pink chrisie. Pebbles, driftwood, tinted glass vases, bold yellow tulips, sweet scented freesia and stunning white cala lilies.

We love hearing all our customer stories of who the bouquet is for and why they are sending it so we can create a floral gift to match the person and the occasion.

Flowers and plants are the perfect gift for all occasions whether you are welcoming a bouncing baby to this world or saying ‘thanks for dinner’ we all love to receive a thoughtful bouquet.


If you’ve a special celebration coming up contact Nicole to order a floral bouquet or a gift voucher for flower arranging classes.

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