5 Christmas Competition
Win a bespoke Christmas Wreath to dress your door and welcome your friends and family this festive season.

17 Fresh Flowers and family celebrations
Mother Nature offers us such beauty in the flowers and plants of the summer season and in recent weeks our fresh flower bouquets and arrangements have included vibrant Vanda orchids, soft pastel roses, anemones, lilac hydrangeas and pink chrisie. Pebbles, driftwood, tinted glass vases, bold yellow tulips, sweet scented freesia and stunning white cala lilies.

12 Anniversary & Christmas Celebrations
4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY & CHRISTMAS EVENT   SUNDAY 29TH NOVEMBER 2015 1PM – 4 PM Your £10 entry fee includes a complimentary glass of bubbles, nibbles and a chance to win one of Nicole’s bespoke Christmas Wreaths. 79 Lauderdale Gardens, Hyndland, Glasgow, G12 9QU